LOS ANGELES and ZARAGOZA, Spain – December 5, 2019 – OriginClear Inc. (OTC: OCLN), a leading provider of water treatment solutions, and its Spain-based licensee Depuporc S.L. (www.depuporc.com), have successfully built a comprehensive system that can continuously transform pig manure into a zero-waste output of fertilizer and clean irrigation water. A leading Spanish pork producer hosted a demonstration version of the system as part of its plan to dramatically increase production, while complying with strict European Union limits. The system is featured in a company video: www.originclear.com/video/depuporc-system-presentation

“Until recently, swine farm operators in Spain have irrigated their fields with manure effluent,” said Eduardo Chopo, co-owner of Depuporc. “Most operators in the region are planning large increases in hog farming, but their lands are already saturated with ammonia. Strict EU limits make ammonia reduction absolutely essential before increases in swine production can occur.

“The logical solution for these operators is to treat the manure for fertilizer and water reuse. This is where our patented system, which incorporates OriginClear’s technology as a third and final step, has been shown to reduce pollutants and also generate valuable fertilizer and irrigation-grade water, solving a major barrier to expansion for European hog farmers.”

In a Facebook video (www.facebook.com/depuporc/videos/741140183022181/), Depuporc reports the following specifications for the demonstration system: 30 m3/day treatment capacity, supplying 6.4 tons/day of solids with 89% organics for fertilizer, and ability to recycle 11,000 tons/year of water for irrigation or farm cleaning. The system draws 38kW, which can be supplied by the farm’s solar array, when conditions permit.

According to Depuporc, the client’s own tests showed that COD (chemical oxygen demand) was reduced from 83,000 to 300 mg/liter, and ammonia from 11,000 to 230 mg/liter.

Depuporc estimates that the system could limit annual nitrogen production by hog farms to 16 kilos per hectare, less than one-tenth the limit of 210 kilos per hectare per year that was established by Spain’s Royal Decree 324/2000.

“According to the European Commission (ec.europa.eu/environment/air/cleaner_air/), agriculture is responsible for 93% of all ammonia emissions in Europe,” said Depuporc co-founder Francisco Longares Valero. “Our prospective market is very keen to meet the regulations, and our ability to reduce ammonia levels can help pork producers expand well beyond current levels.”

Occurring after mechanical solids separation and microfiltration with chemical flocculation, OriginClear’s Electro Water Separation™ technology completes the removal of suspended solids while its AOx™ Advanced Oxidation achieves the all-important ammonia reduction.

OriginClear CEO Riggs Eckelberry, and Bill Charneski, president of the OriginClear Group, toured the facility and other farms in the region. The tour is featured in a video: https://www.originclear.com/video/depuporc-system-presentation

 “With its system protected by Spanish patent No. 2011311192, Depuporc has hit a home run,” Eckelberry said. “They have integrated our technology to effectively reduce solids and ammonia in a working field manure treatment system.”