OriginClear Tech

OriginClear Tech is the development, manufacturing, and operations group of OriginClear Corp.  
Our Tech division focuses on small to midsize commercial, industrial and municipal end markets
that need to self-manage onsite systems. We provide next generation Water Treatment Solutions
engineered to be stronger, safer, and more cost effective using environmentally friendly materials and process.

OriginClear Tech owns brands that design, engineer, manufacture, and distribute water treatment solutions for commercial, industrial, and municipal end markets.
Brand Companies include Progressive Water Treatment and Modular Water Systems™.

5 Major

Patents plus Other Valuable IP


Industrial Clients worldwide


Global Installed Projects in Operations

10s of Billions

Gallons Water Treated Annually

Water is the planet’s most valuable resource, and OriginClear Tech’s role is to provide breakthrough products that effectively improve the quality of our planet’s waters
while delivering the highest quality water to end-users.


OriginClear Tech has a long history of innovation and is responsible for identifying leading edge technologies to solve today’s toughest water and wastewater treatment challenges. These advanced technologies are the centerpiece of our product lines, partnerships and international licensee network. Our product lines and advanced point-of-use water treatment systems are revolutionizing water treatment worldwide. Meanwhile, through trusted licensees and partnerships, our advanced technologies are being adopted to treat the worst water problems in East and South Asia, Europe and the Middle East, and North America. And a major partnership is now in development to tackle similar water problems in Central and South America.

Water demand from residential, commercial, industrial and municipal platforms is straining water providers capacities to meet that demand and still maintain quality. Our systems and technologies are making it possible for local and small to midsize end-users to do better right now with machines and process they can afford and control.

OriginClear Tech’s products and services deliver a self-reliant water treatment revolution for commercial and industrial locations by creating “instant infrastructure.”

OriginClear Solutions, Systems and Products

We reinvented an entire industry category and supply-chain process.

OriginClear Tech deploys knowledge through Modular Water Systems and Progressive Water Treatment to effectively launch an accelerator for water treatment technologies and machines. These machines are often standalone units or part of a larger system. We feature roll In and roll out simplicity combined with connections on the outside for plug and play, all mounted to steel skids or in container boxes combined with the latest heavy plastics and non corruption tech.

OriginClear Tech is accelerating the decentralized water revolution by providing breakthrough technologies, superior systems and machines that can be rapidly deployed, installed and operating to help make clean water available for all.

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What we built today…From our Texas Production Facilities

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A few of the hundreds of other OriginClear Tech systems manufactured by Progressive Water Treatment in McKinney, Texas.