Above and beyond clear water™

OriginClear Tech leads a new generation of water companies that focus on the business user who needs compact advanced technologies at the point of use, with modular systems that are shipped to the site and dropped in place.

End Users

These businesses include hotels and resorts, real estate housing developments, office buildings, military installations, schools, farms, food and beverage manufacturers, industrial warehouse, oil and gas producers, medical and pharmaceutical facilities. We field both direct and indirect sales channels to reach our end market clients.


OriginClear Tech owns brands that design, engineer, manufacture, and distribute these water treatment solutions to our commercial, industrial, and municipal end markets. Brand Companies include Progressive Water Treatment and Modular Water Systems™.

Our Brand products and services deliver a self-reliant water treatment revolution for commercial and industrial locations by creating “instant infrastructure.” Water is the planet’s most valuable resource, and OriginClear Tech’s mission is to provide breakthrough products that effectively improve the quality of our planet’s waters and deliver the highest quality water to end-users.

Onsite water treatment equipment boosts the client’s real estate asset value as a fundamental capital improvement, combined with long lasting water savings.


Our onsite Modular Water Systems provide clients with water independence through ownership and operational control over water quality, that allow them to increase productivity while reducing environmental, health and safety risks from pollution, contamination and corrosion. Modular water products are trusted to balance performance with cost-effectiveness, enabling business users to go well beyond municipal standards for water quality, therefore achieving high levels of satisfaction for their own customers, and improved sustainability for their properties.


OriginClear Tech sells and delivers a complete line of compact, on-site, point-of-use advanced water treatment and conveyance products including: advanced purification systems that are skid, rack mounted and containerized, for reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, media filtration, disinfection, water softening, ion exchange and electro-deionization (EDI), combined as needed in small to medium commercial and industrial applications, and custom-build projects. Water conveyance products include pump and lifting stations, modular storage tanks, and control monitoring panels.

Our fully engineered, prefabricated and prepackaged systems use durable, sophisticated materials. The units are available in standard capacities for onsite closed-loop systems at commercial business locations.

  • Fully-prepackaged product line for fast rollout, 5-15% lower initial cost.
  • Built in the factory and trucked in complete.
  • Standardized pump stations, wastewater treatment plants, specialty agricultural, produced water, mobile deployment and more.
  • High-speed design software delivers full specs and BOMs in days instead of weeks.
  • Rigid self-standing thermoplastic containers last up to 100 years with minimal foundation requirements (just a pad and strapping).
  • Extensive references and case studies available from projects throughout the USA.
  • Enhanced controls with remote monitoring and alerts.
  • Fully-designed for easier permitting.
  • Certified for full compliance with most common sizes and throughputs, safety requirements, regulatory compliance. Excellent risk mitigation potential.
  • Closed-loop systems for safeguarding the environment with near zero-waste processes.
  • Patented for basis of design by industry visionary Daniel M. Early PE.
  • Proprietary mix of product engineering, total solution development, and advanced heavy plastic manufacturing benefit consulting engineers and end-users alike.

Onsite Water Treatment Advantages

The demand for onsite water treatment solutions is higher than ever and accelerating due to rapidly changing market drivers such as regulations and water costs. At the same time there have been major advances in water treatment equipment and technology capabilities in the last decade with IoT, onboard equipment firmware, advanced automation plus the ability to remotely monitor and operate machines and systems. These advancements enable highly advanced point-of-use water systems that deliver greater efficiency together with significantly improved operation and control to the end-user.

The trend is rapidly moving away from relying on giant, centralized water utilities to meet the challenge. That’s why more and more business users are doing their own water treatment and recycling. Whether by choice or because they have to, those businesses that invest in on-site water systems get a tangible asset on their business and real estate, and can get better water quality at a lower cost.

These businesses are quietly building Decentralized Water Wealth™ for themselves, and helping their community as well. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives include about a quarter of all professionally managed assets around the world, worth more than $20 trillion, and specifically include the key factor of how well corporations manage water.

OriginClear Tech’s onsite water treatment systems are a key enabler of ESG water management for corporations that are increasingly responsible for what was once delegated to central utilities. For example, when a corporation manages its own water, and uses OriginClear Tech’s proprietary hybrid treatment methods, it can significantly reduce both water use and nutrient footprints (carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus) in one compact package.

As a company we are enabling self-reliant water independence for our clients. Contact us for product and sales information on our onsite water treatment solutions and how they can fill your water management needs.