Shale Technology Showcase 2018

Highlights: Latest Products & Technologies

In this special section, E&P highlights some of the latest products and technologies for shale and examines how they will benefit companies in their ongoing search for improved production and more effective operating techniques.

Advances in shale technologies keep drillbits spinning and pumpjacks pumping in unconventional resource plays across the U.S. (Photo by Tom Fox, courtesy of Oil and Gas Investor)

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OriginClear’s Electro Water Separation with Advanced Oxidation (EWS:AOx) water treatment technology removes suspended solids, oils and dissolved organics from the dirtiest wastewaters, offering oil and gas operators a cost-efficient and effective means of managing and reusing produced water onsite.

Through a demonstration project on a field belonging to the Sinopec Group, OriginClear used a pilot system equipped with its EWS technology to remediate hydraulic fracturing flowback water for onsite reuse. The EWS module demonstrated its ability to abate major contamination factors found in produced water, reducing chemical oxygen demand by more than 90%, ammonia by more than 80% and total suspended solids by more than 95%.

OriginClear Editor’s Note: Now OriginClear’s Next Generation Advanced Oxidation process (AOxPlus™) delivers 10,000 times more superior contaminant breakdown than the original AOx™ technology demonstrated in the unit above, on the same footprint and offers a more efficient treatment solution to sectors that produce highly contaminated wastewater.

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