OriginClear Water Tech Support

At OriginClear Tech we operate in the solution spectrum starting with design and total engineering, manufacturing that includes a full array of fabrication disciplines and specialties in our complete processes, on down the line through performance of installation or installation oversight. We service our machines under a full service O&M contract and in some cases own and operate them under our outsourced pay-as-you-go Water on Demand™ program.

Whether we sell and install your system and you operate it, one of our affiliated O&M proven-partners manages it, or we own and operate it directly on your site, remote monitoring and tech support are essential services we excel in, demonstrated by our solid twenty-plus years reputation for excellence and our loyal and dedicated customer base.

Full Stack of Support Services

Live Tech Support Call Center
Remote Monitoring
Field Operations Alert, Dispatch, & Routing
Parts and Consumable Resupply
CE Credits and Training Courses

Remote Monitoring Capability

Remote Monitoring is the combination of electronics and instrumentation packages and controls mounted on the water treatment machines and equipment.

These components are then connected to wireless data loggers and telemetry reporting services back to a data control station where the data is organized and displayed for visualization which generates analysis and automation for status and alerts which are coordinated with technicians for maintenance and repair. 

Proven Model

•Live Dashboards
•Asset Locations
•Asset Status
•Asset Performance

Asset Data View

Our Water & Wastewater Asset Manager brings all asset-related data together from disparate systems (pictured above — e.g., GIS, SCADA, hydraulic models, computerized maintenance management, enterprise asset management, etc.) under one database.

Asset Management

The team efficiently plans, schedules, and dispatches work orders to conduct all types of inspections and respond to incidents, such as failures or overflows. The system monitors work progress and facilitates order status management, tracks inventory, resources, materials, equipment and calculates costs.

Field Technician Support

Tech support and field service is made easier with mobile QR codes on the machines. Connected field service documents and real-time support coordinate service and maintenance efforts, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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