Los Angeles, CA – January 5, 2017 – OriginClear Inc. (OTC/QB: OCLN), a leading provider of water treatment solutions, today announced that it has responded to EU-level water infrastructure mandates by African governments by working with French engineering company UltraEpur.

“UltraEpur contacted us to help rapidly clear up contaminated industrial water, beginning in Algeria, where the government intends to upgrade to developed-world water standards rapidly,” said “JL” Kindler, President of OriginClear Technologies. “We have since entered a technology license agreement, and UltraEpur purchased a laboratory demonstration unit, which it plans to exhibit at the SIEE Pollutec trade show in Algiers in February.”

“We identified OriginClear’s EWS:AOx™ as a perfectly complementary upstream treatment solution for our filtration systems,” said Thierry Vignal, founder and principal of UltraEpur. “We have already integrated OriginClear into our planned pilot system for an Algerian industrial site that must meet stringent new water regulations with effluents that exceed 4000 m3 per day (or more than one million gallons daily).”

“In a conservative water industry, we look for fast-adopters that intend to respond to intense demand in their regions,” added Kindler “We’re delighted to add UltraEpur to the ranks of these visionaries.”

According to founder Vignal, UltraEpur is active in France, where it is headquartered, but also in North Africa and French-speaking Western African countries such as Ivory Coast.

While UltraEpur is not relying on government funding for its commercial activities, development of the country’s water supply system is a high priority for the Algerian government in its new five-year plan.