Los Angeles and De Pere, WI – November 18, 2015 –OriginClear Inc. (OTC/QB: OOIL), a leading provider of water treatment solutions, and Renewable Water Technologies (RWT), a spin-off of Wisconsin’s Renewable Algae Group, plan to form a joint venture (JV) to offer complete treatment solutions for agricultural effluent reclamation, with a focus on dairies equipped with anaerobic digestion systems.

Headed by Steve Herman, Owner and CEO of Renewable Water Technologies, the JV is expected to deploy OriginClear’s high-speed Electro Water Separation™ (EWS) technology for first-stage water clarification of agricultural effluents.

“After performing a series of tests on contaminated water coming from farming operations in Wisconsin, we decided to move to the next phase of commercial deployment,” said Steve Herman. “Tougher water disposal regulations are forcing farmers to implement on site water treatment solutions. A 2,000-cow dairy needs about 40 million gallons of water annually. With water scarcity on the rise and increased regulation, water needs to be reused on site. Farmers are looking for innovative means to clean it back to drinking water grade.”

“We believe OriginClear’s Electro-Water Separation technology is a natural fit for farmers equipped with anaerobic digesters and other treatment technologies, as it provides a critical piece to enable closed-loop recycling,” said Dr. John Katers, Professor and Chair of Natural and Applied Sciences at University of Wisconsin Green Bay, the JV’s planned engineering partner.

“We were already in extended discussions to use EWS for a new micro-algae venture,” added Steve Herman. “A light bulb went off and we realized we could deploy EWS to help farmers, our core business customer, to address their water reuse headaches.”

OriginClear plans to grant the JV a license to integrate its EWS technology into the treatment process, and to contribute its experience and expertise; while RWT plans to contribute its industry relationships, and market to the farmers. The JV is designed to offer affordable and practical treatment solutions to end-users and has made plans to manufacturer locally, in partnership with a local fabrication company.

“Our research indicates the opportunities are enormous,” said Mael-Disa-Vingataramin, OriginClear’s VP of Licensing and Business Development. “Wisconsin alone has more than 10,000 dairies. We think we have the potential to generate short-term revenues from the sales of our core proprietary components systems manufacturing, while also developing long-term revenue from the joint venture’s profitability over the coming years.”

While the JV plans to target all dairies, it is designed to especially serve the needs of the fast-growing anaerobic digester market. There are also numerous small-scale digesters operating in China, where OriginClear recently established another JV.