Environmental, Social, Governance

Making and keeping your access to water and sanitation secure, optimizing your management and ensuring uninterrupted service are the primary focus in OriginClear’s customer ESG strategy. Our designs and advanced technology solutions are creating the next generation water service of tomorrow.

Global water demand is higher than ever and increasing due to population growth, widespread urban sprawl and rapidly accelerating industrial and agricultural usage. Water scarcity is a dangerous and growing crisis and a third of the planet’s largest groundwater reserves are already overused. In addition to this threat, there is the increase in extreme natural phenomena and the threat of terrorism targeting facilities, networks and rivers.

OriginClear is committed to delivering you point of use solutions that give you clean water access in every situation and put you in control of its quality and quantity. We strive to enable water autonomy at point of use.

Ensuring continuity of service

While digital technology enables more sustainable management of water resources, it also guarantees availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Vital for drinking water and municipal sanitation, this continuity of service is often essential in industry to ensure uninterrupted manufacturing processes. Our water treatment solutions employ the most advanced, state of the art PLC automation and controls, are fully internet enabled for remote monitoring and equipped with digital Human Interface and intuitive, easy to manage APIs.

A History of Environmental Stewardship

OriginClear has long been a leading provider of water treatment solutions starting with the introduction of its historic ElectroWater Separation and Advanced Oxidation technologies for tackling the dirtiest water. For over 15 years OriginClear Tech has innovated self-reliant water treatment solutions and methods to deploy advanced technologies at the point of use, most recently with its next-generation modular, prefabricated systems that create durable assets and water independence for industry, commerce and agriculture.

Failing water infrastructure is increasingly forcing businesses to treat their own water. OriginClear leads this megatrend with on-premise systems enabling very high purification and recycling levels that centralized systems cannot achieve, and that provide end-users greater water autonomy.

Systems installed at the point of use become real estate assets, and OriginClear enables those sites to improve their Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) standings through better efficiency, quality and reduction of environmental impacts.

Our professional grade water treatment & conveyance products are manufactured and distributed in a modular format that can be installed onsite at commercial and industrial real estate properties. OriginClear is focused on improving the water at the clients point of use with Plug-n-Play units that are spearheading a new level of modest cost solutions with fast integration. 

OriginClear’s unique modular water innovation is a next generation smarter business approach with respect to the general water industry and offers water independence with better outcomes for more onsite end users. Modular water products are trusted to balance performance with cost-effectiveness while instilling a sense of personal joy because the company’s business clients do good & feel good by choosing OriginClear water products for their onsite locations and experiencing the highest water quality that goes Above and Beyond the municipal standards.

Onsite Modular Water Systems provide clients with Water Independence through ownership and operational control over water quality assurance that allow them to increase productivity while reducing environmental, health and safety risks from pollution, contamination and corrosion. Managing a point of use water system is now made easier and cost effective resulting in the business achieving ESG goals while doing good. OriginClear clients are both domestic and international. 

The Ultimate ESG Machine

END Service-Disruption AND Protect the Environment

A critical component that influences the well-being of any community is its system for removing and treating wastewater for the protection of human and environmental health. Wastewater infrastructure includes a network of sewer pipes that collect and carry household, business, and industrial effluents to wastewater treatment systems — onsite or centralized facilities. Within these treatment systems, wastewater undergoes processes to remove harmful constituents and reduce pollution prior to being discharged into nearby waterbodies or, in some cases, recovered for water, energy, and nutrient reuse. 

An essential component of every community’s sewer system is the wastewater lift station. Water is moved throughout the system by a network of these lift stations. As an example, the small coastal city of Laguna Beach, California served 23,000 residents in 2014 and had 25 lift stations, so cities with millions of residents can have literally thousands of wastewater lift stations.

The United States water infrastructure system is 50-100 years old in many states, and lifting stations were built from concrete and steel which is now corroding. Per the America Society of Civil Engineers 2021 Infrastructure report 47% of the maintenance work undertaken by utilities is reactive and done as systems fail. Failing lift stations is a serious nationwide situation. A lift station failure in one major city resulted in 10-20 million gallons of UNTREATED sewage waste spilling into a major river over a period of a few days!

The solution is Modular Water Systems EveraMOD™ wastewater lift station, the Ultimate ESG Machine. The EveraMOD is a compact, affordable, prepackaged, “Plug and play” modular technology that delivers tailor-made water treatment and conveyance capability in a standardized format. EveraMOD is manufactured using High Density PolyEthylene and Structurally Reinforced ThermoPlastics that last for 100 years or more. The primary advantages delivered by EveraMOD are a SINGLE POINT OF DELIVERY TOTALLY ENGINEERED SOLUTION that is packaged for rapid installation and lasts 3-4X longer than conventional concrete and steel structures. And at 1/4 the cost!

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